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C a l l  f o r  T e n o r s,  B a r i t o n e s  a n d  B a s s e s


Tenors and Basses - Sing Brahms’ Alto Rhapsody with Sally-Anne Russell

Victoria Chorale invites tenors and bass/ baritones to sing Brahms’ beautiful Alto Rhapsody  with the acclaimed mezzo-soprano, Sally Anne Russell. 


There’s a marvellous version on YouTube with Janet Baker



The concert, which includes both the Alto Rhapsody and Haydn’s Nelson Mass, is 7.30pm Saturday 7 October in St Paul’s Cathedral.


Mario Dobernig will conduct Victoria Chorale, the Art of Sound Orchestra and 4 superb soloists.



Tenors and basses wanting to sing in this special concert can choose the full or abbreviated rehearsal schedule:


Short rehearsal schedule to sing Alto Rhapsody and 2 Haydn Choruses

Rehearsal dates and performance times for those wanting to sing the Alto Rhapsody and 2 choruses in Haydn’s Nelson Mass are listed below. 

The first 4 rehearsals are held at St Columbs Church, 5 St Columbs St, Hawthorn.

  • Tues 15 Aug  7:30 – 9pm

  • Tues 5 Sept  7:30 – 10pm

  • Sat 23 Sept  10:00 – 11:30am

  • Tues 3 Oct (Orch rehearsal)  7:30 – 8:30pm

  • Fri 6 Oct (Orch rehearsal)  7:00 – 8pm                                                       St Paul’s Cathedral

  • Sat 7 Oct Concert.   Rehearsal 4:30pm - 6pm, Concert 7:30pm            St Paul’s Cathedral



Full rehearsal schedule to sing Alto Rhapsody and all of Haydn’s Nelson Mass

  • All Tuesdays 7:30 – 10pm   July 25 to Sept 26                     5 St Columbs St, Hawthorn

  • Fri 6 Oct (Orch rehearsal)  7:00 – 10pm                               St Paul’s Cathedral

  • Sat 7 Oct Concert.   Call 5:15pm, Concert 7:30 pm            St Paul’s Cathedral


If you are interested in singing, email by July 30

or ring Judy on 0419 310 289 or Richard on 0438 221 030.

Sally-Anne Russell

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